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Lift Modification

Lift modernisation is different from like-for-like repairs. The latter will keep your lift safe, but they won’t improve the performance of your lift, or potentially extend its life span. Modernisation replaces worn out lift components with the very latest upgrades. There’s a whole range of advantages to this process, and we introduce the top 5 benefits of lift modernisation here.

Clients are always stunned to experience the improved performance of lifts that have been modernised. Having just one or two components modernised – such as the door operating system, or the control panel – makes a huge difference. Reliability is improved, levelling accuracy is enhanced and accessibility is increased.

Installing a lift can enhance the safety of your business. If your workforce has to regularly carry heavy items or awkward objects up and down flights of stairs, they could be at risk of a fall or injury. Installing a lift will ensure they can safely transport goods between floors in your building.

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